Uniglobe Kisco at Display Week 2017

April 9, 2017

Foundry Service (Customize)

Optical Simulation
Imprinting Etching/Cleansing

Large Size Patterning Technology


<G5 : 1100mm x 1300mm>

Nano Imprinting Technology

Uniglobe Kisco Inc. / SciVax will exhibit the latest in Nano Imprint Technology, which will include the Nano Patterned substrates and Hologram based 3D Display devices. SciVax can offer the Nano Imprint Process (NIP) through a simulation service for new structures leading to the making of the required molds and to the manufacturing of nano imprint structures. A variety of imprinting design structures include the Honeycomb structure, the Lens Array structure and the Moth Eye structure which are used in many latest display applications. The NIP is also current with the Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) structures for making light guide structures towards hologram display applications etc…

Next Gen Technology

Variety of Imprinting Design

DOE Structure
– Light Guide
Micro Sensor
– Health care
– Cosmetics
Photonic Crystal
 Virus Detection
– Optical Device
Honeycomb Structure
Lens Array Structure
Moth Eye Structure

QD Applications

Core/Shell Design

(Cd Type/Non Cd Type)

– On Chip Type
– Sheet Type
 Ink Type

Grading Structure
Unique Shell Design
Ligand Design

Highly Stable QDs Technology

Uniglobe Kisco Inc. / Quantum Materials Corp (QMC) will exhibit high color purified Quantum Dot materials. QMC is a company with the leading and advanced QD technology and automated continuous flow process that allows the synthesis of QD in volume to satisfy the entire needs of today’s display applications. QMC QD technology can offer high performance Cadmium-Free QD material for each color (Green / Red / Blue) to meet various industrial needs such as QD Film, RGB application, Color Filter as well as QDLED application. QMC offers a high volume supply of high performance & high stability Blue QD that will complement industrial demand for accelerating each development of RGB based display application as well as the On-chip application. This, combined with the QMC’s expertise capability for rapid optimization and customization, allows QMC to look forward to your inquiry towards your application’s centric requirement or specification needs, and towards exploring your solution as your technology partner.


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