Touch Panel Items

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UKI Kisco can offer various UV hard coating based on customer requests

  • Clear Type
  • High Hardness
  • Type Anti Blocking
  • Type Anti-Blocking for High Transparency/Thin PET
  • High Refractive Index Type
  • Low Refractive Index(Heat Curing Type)
  • Low Refractive Index(UV Curing Type)
  • For Amorphous PO Film Type
  • Anti-Blocking for Amorphous PO film
  • Anti-Fingerprint Type
  • Anti-Fingerprint &Anti-Blocking
  • Finger-Slippage Type(Anti-Blocking)
  • Metal Adhesion Primer(for Institution of ITO)
  • Primer Type
  • Anti- Static Type
  • Anti- Static and Anti-Blocking
  • Low Shrinkage Type
  • Low Curling for Thin PET
  • Low Curling & Anti-Blocking for thin PET
  • Solvent Free type
  • Weather Resistance Type
  • Anti-Glare type
  • High-Resolution Anti-glare with Anti-Fingerprint
  • High Adhesion Type
  • High Mold-ability type
  • Soft Feeling Type
  • Self-Recovery Type
  • Anti-bacterial type
  • Blue Light Cutting Type
  • High Bending durability with Anti-Blocking
  • Primer with Anti-Blocking

Please CONTACT US for a spec sheet on any of the films and/or resins above. Arrangements can be made for test sample delivery.