SKIN-CAD® – Version 6.1

SKIN-CAD® - Version 6.1

Simulator for Skin Pharmacokinetics

SKIN-CAD® is support software for R&D of transdermal drug delivery

Outline of SKIN-CAD®


SKIN-CAD® is a software for skin-body pharmacokinetic simulation developed based on percutaneous absorption model. SKIN-CAD® can predict skin permeation amount and blood concentration by input of various model parameters.  It can also analyze the effects of metabolism and binding in the skin, the enhancement by iontophoretic application, and the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model, etc.

Model & Input Parameters

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Simulation Model

  • Skin permeation model (2-layer or 1-layer)
  • Drug-dissolved matrix system/skin permeation model
  • Drug-dispersed matrix system/skin permeation model
  • Vehicle compartment/skin permeation model

Input Parameters

  • System application period, applied area
  • Release characteristics from formulation
  • Skin structure (thickness of each layer)
  • Diffusion and partition coefficients in skin
  • Body pharmacokinetic parameters (1-, 2-, or 3-compartment model)
SKIN-CAD® Simulation

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Output Data

  • Cumulative amount permeated
  • Blood concentration
  • Drug distribution in matrix/skin
  • Pharmacologic effect

SKIN-CAD® can predict clinical performance using model parameters obtained from in vitro release or skin permeation studies. SKIN-CAD® simulation will provide useful data to design transdermal and topical drug delivery systems.

Potential of SKIN-CAD®

SKIN-CAD® can be used for optimal design of transdermal terapeutic systems (TTS) as well for evaluation of various factors on skin permeation and blood concentration.  It can also quickly provide you with the simulated data for systemic or topical application depending on model parameters. SKIN-CAD® will enable users to smoothly proceed from in vitro studies to clinical trial by PK-PD simulation at preclinical stage.