Silicone Lens

Silicone Lens
KISCO Original

Silicone lens can control optical characteristic of LEDs, which has high directivity. For High power / High brightness LEDs, our lens provides superior reliability. We can provide part lens; attached with SMD LED package, and insert lens; molding lens directly to COB or premolded lead frame.We fulfill each customer’s needs from design to mass production. Global support from our worldwide network..


High Reliability

Heat resistance for high power and bright LEDs UV resistant for blue and near ultraviolet LEDs Lead – free solder; RoHS compliant

Superior Injection Molding System

High aspect shapes, spherical and aspherical lenses available Excellent surface accuracy Preventing inside bubble.

Environmentally Friendly

No waste materials with our runner-less and flash-free system


Material TypeRubber Rubber A Resin Resin A
Refraction index586nm/3mm 1.421.411.5351.4|1.45
Transparent586nm/3mm 0.940.9395% 95%


Shore A 8670| |
Shore D| | 6540|50

Coefficient of Expansion
SHIMADZU Thermometer
Chemical Analyzer

2.73*10-4/K | 1.86*10-4/K |
Water Absorption3mm/100/PH 0.000571| 0.000913|