(Seiki Corporation) Valve & Spear System

(Seiki Corporation) Valve & Spear System
Seiki Hot Runner System ~ Automotive Applications

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KISCO Hot and Cold Runner Systems

Seiki Hot Runner System can be used for most plastic manufacturing applications, from general plastic to engineering plastic. This technology has its special advantage for engineering plastic resins mold.

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Advantage of Seiki Hot Runner System

seiki_corporation_valve_4Seiki Hot Runner System is one of the streamlined equipments of plastic injection molds and an assembly of heated components used in plastic injection molds that inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold.


  • Reduced Cycle Time and Energy
  • Increased Shot Size
  • Less Runner Scrap
  • Reduced Clamp Tonnage
  • Reduced Clamp Stroke VS 3-Plate
  • Consistent Melt Temperature to Cavity
  • Stable Quality of Products
  • Simplifications of Post-Processing
  • Improving Purability of molds
  • Material and Labor Cost savings
Seiki Hot Runner System Video

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