Resin Compound “KISLOY”

Resin compound “KISLOY”

KISLOY is compound raw material that meets various needs and applications of customers, and it is the general term used to refer to the KISCO original resin compound.

Customer Market

Automotive Interior Materials, housing and building materials, daily goods, cabinet parts like OA equipments

Product Lineup
Coloring Compound (KX series)

resin_compound_kisloy_We supply various coloring according to your needs.

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Bottle with Oxygen Absorber

resin_compound_kisloy_2We supply compounds that use various inorganic fillers such as glass fiber, talc, calcium carbonate, and carbon fiber.

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Advanced Compound (KCX Series and KX Series)



  • KCX-G series : The product lineup includes UL94-5VB as flame retardant compound grade with PC glass.
  • KX series :Extrusion grade of recycled PET bottles which are being used in the market as replacements for ABS and PVC.
  • KCX series:PC+ABS UL94 V-0 (1.5 mm)
  • Compound with antibacterial agent:Compound of multipurpose resins and engineering plastic resins mixed with antibacterial agent.
  • Compound with light diffusing agent:Compound with light diffusing agent for PC and PMMA.

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Soft Compound (Rubber and Elastomer)

resin_compound_kisloy_5KISCO develops a wide variety of resins (from hard to soft) to meet your needs. In particular, for soft compounds we provide compound products that use thermoplastic resin, rubber, and elastomers.

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