Protect your Cells – Give Your VIP Cells VIP Treatment

  • Special filters effectively prevent contamination of cell cultures
  • The filters are highly breathable/moisture permeable in order to maintain proper environmental conditions for growing cells
  • Facilitates organization of cultures by researcher or type of cells
  • Culture growth can be monitored visually through the clear lid
  • Canister can be sterilized in an autoclave; filters are replaceable


Space Age Protection for Your Cell Cultures

my_canister_2MyCanister is a specialized containment vessel designed to prevent contamination and facilitate the effective management of cell culture groups.  Its highly airtight seal was developed by Ddecore for use in outer space.  Specially designed filters keep out germs, mold, and other sources of contamination.

my_canister_3MyCanister’s filters are also highly breathable and moisture permeable to maintain a proper environment for growing cell cultures.

MyCanister can even be opened and closed inside and incubator without causing rapid changes in the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.