Kiscom High Thermal Conductivity Resin

Kiscom High Thermal Conductivity Resin
KISCOM High Thermal Conductivity Resin

KISCOM High Thermal conductivity resin can be molded with normal injection molding machine to making LED bulbs.


  • High Heat Dissipation
  • Light Weight
  • Injection Moldable
  • Electrical Insulation
  • No Halogen Resin



KISCOM High Brightness LGP

KISCOM High Brightness LGP can be used for LED ceiling light, Signboard, Display applications.


  • kisco_high_thermal_conductivity_3High Brightness
  • Fine Pitch Prism Patterning
  • Less size changes due to water absorbency
  • Light Weight
  • Applicable to injection molding


  • Light Transmission: 92%
  • Refractive Index: 1.55
  • Haze: 0.3% (With thickness 3mm)
  • Specific Gravity: 1.11
  • Water Absorption: 0.09%
KISCOM Ceramic Liquid Materials

KISCO Ceramic liquid materials which is thermal conductive Insulating coating can be used for LED applications easily.


  • High thermal conductivity (4.4W/mk)
  • 3 times High insulation compare with other product (60kV/mm)
  • Thermal Resistance (350 degree C)
  • High Reflecting
  • UV Wavelength (More than 90%) UV Resistance (~254nm UV)
  • Heat Resistance (~350 degree C)
  • Good Adhesion


  • Solder resist on PCBs
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Management of Lighting surge
  • Curing condition
  • +180 degree C x 30 min
  • +300 degree C x 30 min