KISCO Adhesive

KISCO Adhesive

KISCO Adhesive for Automotive Applications

Adhesive Line-up

  • Automobile
  • Elevators, Escalators
  • Speakers
  • Camera parts
  • Motors, Relays, Condensers
  • Semiconductor devices/Modules
  • Optical devices/ products (LEDs, sensors)

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Motor Bonding Line-up

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Adhesive Characteristics

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  • Strong Adhesion with PP
  • Slow Onset of Adhesion
  • Maintenance Friendly of Applicator
  • Long Stability & Shelf Life

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KISCO EpiFine for Automotive Applications

Relays, Gear sensor, Keyless go, Tire pressure control sensor, ABS sensor, Micro switches, Ignition sensors.


Kisco_Adhesive_8The increased demands of new automobile applications are accompanied by increased requirements on potting resin and adhesive properties. With high oil and temperature resistance for engine compartment applications, EpiFine has strong reliability with excellent flow ability for miniaturized components. EpiFine has No.1 Worldwide share of Automotive Relay Sealing.


EpiFine 1 component resin

  • No organic gas generated during reaction
  • Excellent surface adhesion between plastics
  • Good heat and chemical resistance
  • Controlled epoxy flow characters
  • Over 560V for C.T.I value (IEC112)