For Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Bottle Applications

The Background of This Proposal

This is for products which have bottle mouths sealed with aluminum and paper, as shown.

Such bottle mouths have the following problems:

  • Hard to remove the seal
  • Seal breaks during opening
  • A hole will be formed on the seal during transport.

Target Customers Include:

  • Women with long nails
  • Elder persons and the like



Product Description(Type-A)

Cap Equipped with Cutting Function of Inner Seal


Inner Seal can be safely and easily opened by just turning the cap after pushing the “Protrusion Part”.

How to open

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Product Description(Type-B)

Cap made up of “Tamper-Evident Features”


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How to open

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  • This product was awarded with the accreditation by Great Lakes Marketing (Certification Body of Child Protection Bottles) in USA
  • This product can be applicable for bottles of various shapes.
Products List

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Products Features

Product Features:

  • Easy to open:This cap can be safely opened with much less force.
  • Product Protection:This cap prevents the formation of a hole on the inner seal.

Target Segments:

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Application Cases
  • Yuhan Corporation (Korea)
  • Korea Corporation (Korea)



Q & A

Where are the plant location and the supply source of raw material

Both resin manufacturing and molding are carried out in Korea.

Has this product obtained a patent?

Yes.  It has been patented in Japan, Korea, and USA.

Are the bottles available in the market which will fit with this cap?

  • Yes. KISCO can introduce appropriate bottles which you can import.
  • In case of domestic bottle production, investment in mold shall be required.  KISCO is pleased to provide consultations to you in this matter. 

How much is the minimum lot (minimum order quantity)?

Minimum production lot is 100,000 pieces (depending on products).  In case of Import it shall be in the range of 500,000 and one million pieces.

What methods do you apply for sealing and capping?

  • There are two methods.  The 1st method is to start capping process in the filling line of customer plant after such material as aluminum etc. is sealed on site.
  • The 2nd method is to simultaneously conduct capping and welding a sealing material by high frequency induction heating at customer plant.