(dix) Parylene Coating

Kisco Conformal Coating is the industry Specialist for LED Coatings


  • The highest in the industry, exceeding 99%

Fast lead time

  • 7 business days standard, expedites available.

Vertical Integration

  • We produce the parylene dimer, engineer the coating systems, and provide the coating service itself.

State-of-the-Art Coating Facilities

  • Equipped with ESD safe, 1000-class clean-rooms.

Global Network

  • With locations across the globe, we can service your needs wherever they maybe

Dielectric Properties

  1. Excellent moisture and gas barrier properties
  2. Exceptional corrosion and rust prevention
  3. High transparency and a low refractive index
  4. Strong chemical resistance
  5. Excellent electrical and physical properties
  6. Vapor deposition conforms to any shape
  7. Very thin and light weight
  8. High thermal stability
  9. UV radiation resistance

Thin Film Application

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