Who We Are

UNIGLOBE KISCO, Inc. supplies a full range of products and services related to such industries as electronics, chemicals and plastics to different business interest levels.

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What We Provide

Uniglobe Kisco provides customers and business venture partners alike with the latest information and technology, linking both supply and demand with solutions which identify and create new exciting opportunities.
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Recently, Uniglobe Kisco has mediated a collaboration between a world renowned manufacturer. This will support the successful beginning of a great collaboration and new business encompassing worldwide supply support of both the raw material supply and the finished product respectively.
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A Specialist in the Advanced Materials That Build the Future

We Are Looking for:
  • Printed Functional Film Consumer
  • Flexible Display Materials
  • Flexible Battery Materials
  • Photo Voltaic Materials
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Organic Transistor Materials
  • 106gm/m2 day Barrier Films
  • Conductive Nano Particle
  • Quantum Dot Encapsulation Resin
  • Internet of Things Applications
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Partners for RFID Applications
  • Neuromemristive Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Metal Printing Accuracy ~ 0.001mm
  • Battery & Capacitor Materials
  • Automotive Materials Consumer
  • Medical Materials & Coating Consumer
  • Pharmaceutical Materials Consumer
  • Nutraceutical Materials
  • Cosmetics Ingredient Consumer
  • New Biotechnology
  • New Green Energy Technologies
  • Oil Drilling Additives Consumer
Are You Looking for:
  • Contract Manufacture for Film.
  • Contract Manufacture for Flexible Display
  • Contract Manufacture for Flexible Battery
  • Partners for Photo Voltaics Technologies
  • Partners for Wearable Technologies
  • Contract Manufacture for Organic Transistor
  • Anti-Aggregation Functional Coating
  • Quantum Dot Materials
  • Partners for Internet of Things
  • Partners for Sensor Technologies
  • Contract Manufacture for RFID
  • Partner for Robotic Technologies
  • 3D Printable Biodegradable Polymer
  • Partner for Energy Device Technologies
  • New Sustainable Energy
  • New Medical Devices & Materials
  • Pharmaceutical Ingredient
  • New Nutraceutical Ingredients
  • Cosmetics Ingredient
  • Partner for New Biotechnology
  • Partner for New Green energy Technologies
  • Partner for New Oil Drilling Additives